Lust, Vanity and all that fun stuff

Festival of Sin presents:

Exclusive items from A:S:S and .::[ Felony ]::., .VOLUPTIA. and MINA Hair,   only available at the Festival of Sin from the February 18th – March 3rd.

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As Gabe gazes upon himself, admiring his own image, he is shockingly unaware that the only audience he can lure… is his own reflection.  The isolation of vanity is an ugly thing…

Come indulge in your own self-obsession…

Festival of Sin

February 18th – March 3rd


Photo by Elysium Eilde

Starring Gabe Bookmite

Jacket provided by Bliss Couture

Greed & Envy

Sin is all around us… we found these two sinners in blatant display of Greed and Envy.  Clearly Garrett wants what James has, but it seems clear that James isn’t quick to share.  Shame on you boys.

We hope you’ll join us and indulge in your own favorite sin….

Festival of Sin

February 18th – March 3rd

Photo by Elysium Eilde

Starring James Schwarz and Garrett Ceriano

Festival of Sin!

We’re indulgently celebrating the 7 Deadly Sins, and we are inviting all sinners to join us in our homage to impurity.  This February, be ready for something a little different.  Your favorite stores are ready to show you what kind of dirty deeds they have up their sleeves as they all come together on one amazing sim of libertinian excess.  Join us, won’t you?

More info to come.

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